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Dominatrix América Fetish

Soy America Fetish, Mistress profesional de 22 años con gabinete propio en Gijón. Realizo sesiones presenciales, online y hago viajes nacionales, todo previo tributo. Puedes pagar mi desplazamiento para vivir un 24/7 conmigo, o simplemente disfrutar de ser mi pagafantas: me encanta vivir la vida de Diosa que sé que merezco.

Hablando conmigo te darás cuenta de que no soy una veinteañera cualquiera. My rebelliousness and my cunning and insightful mind characterize me and make me a magnetic and addictive woman: I am moved by the psychological part of BDSM, mental management and the skill to delve into the thoughts and desires of the other person.

My soft but dominant voice will make you fall on your knees, you will want to obey all my orders and receive my punishments and humiliations; I am aware of my power and I will not hesitate to use it in my favor… and against you. I am sadistic, capricious, bossy and a born humiliator. If you know your place and you know mine, we may come to understand each other. Do you dare to enter my world of fantasies and perversions? I wait for you on the dark side of pleasure…

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